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** NEWS UPDATE 22nd Feb 2011 **

The Wilding Foundation is collecting donatons for the Christchurch Earthquake that hit on February 22, 2011.

If you would like to donate please click on the button bellow


Wilding Foundation Humanities Award winner announced – September 2011

Wilding Foundation Humanities Award winner announced

Calling all those in Vancouver or USA.... Take part in this great and special fun walk/marathon. All funds going to Wilding Foundation to benefit Christchurch:


The Wiggles To Present Young Christchurch Earthquake Victims With New Shoes – 11 April 2011

The Wilding Foundation and its founder, actress/director/producer Anna Wilding, have announced a special treat for two Christchurch families affected by the devastating earthquake that struck the New Zealand city on February 22.

This coming weekend, The Wiggles – the wildly successful Australian musical group catering to children under 5 years old – will be making a special presentation of children’s designer boots on behalf of New Zealand-born supermodel Kylie Bax and her Original Nz Boot Company, and Anna Wilding and the Wilding Foundation.

The Wiggles will be in Christchurch next weekend. The two families, identified by the Wilding Foundation with help in one instance from The Salvation Army, are “thrilled.” The presentation will take place at one of the group’s weekend concerts.

Anna Wilding Awards Scholarship for 13-year-old Gymnast

Anna Wildiing Writes in the Wake of the Christchurch Earthquake

Model, Filmaker Team Up for Earthquake Help

Christchurch Earthquake Charity Appeal Set Up

Supermodel Kylie Bax joins forces with Actress/Director Anna Wilding for earthquake relief

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New Zealand Herald Article

Christchurch-born and raised actress/director Anna Wilding has started fundraising in the US and abroad for her Christchurch registered charity. The charity intends to identify children who have lost their parents and to set up longer-term help for them. The charity takes donations worldwide by credit card or Paypal.

Wilding Foundation Latest News Releases (for Journalists)

Melbourne May 2009 - A new charity has launched, the Wilding Foundation, that aims to fill an overlooked gap in the charity and non profit marketplace. The founder, award winning actress director and producer Anna Wilding said it is a diverse, exciting and contemporary charity that is also couched in history

The Wilding Foundation awards scholarships to those of exceptional ability and prowess in sports, arts, humanities, health, medicine and environmental activities. The Foundation will support those who may not otherwise have the financial means and/or knowledge at hand to further their potential. The charities aims are diverse with the inclusion of several primary scholarships.

The first scholarship is in honor of one of the world's greatest tennis players ,the Anthony Wilding Scholarship for prowess in sports. Anthony Wilding is a legendary tennis player who, amongst other things won Wimbledon a total of ten times prior to World War 1. He garnered the record for most Wimbledon singles titles in a row for over fifty years. This record was finally broken at Monte Carlo by Rafael Nadal in 2008. Wildings doubles partner, in Davis Cup and Wimbledon was the great Aussie tennis player Norman Brookes. Wilding was the first man to take a motorcycle solo through Europe, his preferred method of travel between tournaments. Anthony tragically died in Flanders in 1915 at the age of 32.

Along with the Anthony Wilding scholarship are awards in environmental, arts and humanitarian fields.The charity accepts contributions from donors worldwide. The Board of Directors hopes to see the charity grow steadily over the next few years.

Anna Wilding, a supporter of humanitarian and environmental issues as well as a gifted filmmaker, has personally experienced what it is like to miss out - of not being able to pursue a chosen direction due to financial factors. Ms Wilding, tipped to go to Wimbledon and join the professional ciruit herself as a youngster could not afford the required training overseas.She hopes that this charity will help bridge a gap for those impoverished who display talent and cannot afford the training, travel, study or equipment.


Nadal's fighting spirit in Historic Monte Carlo Win

Wimbledon Article - 'Unbeatable' Federer

Anthony Wilding New York Times
In 2007/2008 during research in USA, Anna Wilding found historic news reports on Anthony Wilding in the New York Times. This is one of the items found dated 1915